Crop Hub is dedicated to helping customers source the best supplies necessary for production. Since our inception, we’ve been passionate about making a difference for our producers and have strived to create lasting relationships. From producer to client, we guarantee that you can count on us for transparency in the supply chain, honest pricing, and quality products.

Our Value

Crop Hub provides full scale procurement solutions for green Coffee & raw Cacao. Clients may simply purchase from Crop Hub’s inventory located domestically, or directly from the producer/s located at various origins. Let us know what we can do for your home, business, or office by giving us a call.

A Word From Our Founder

We believe that every interaction we have with our suppliers, customers, community and each other is a chance to forge honest and long-standing relationships built on trust and quality service. We aspire to be a beneficial part of our community, both locally and around the world through our efforts. My passion that drives me in this industry is the opportunity to make a positive impact on the people involved.

Meet the Team

Mahesh Hariharan


Steve Schwinghamer


Patrick Celaya

Web Developer

Brendon Kahn

Photographer & Creative Director

Ronald Cortez

Green Buyer

Jack Balder

Sensory Analyst & Sales

Ron Schwinghamer


Origin Partners

Belize, Cacao

Shawn Stanchfield

Procurement Partner

Local Subsistence Farmers


Costa Rica, Coffee

Ronald Cortez

Procurement Partner

Alejo Castro